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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mixed Christmas Food Spots

Snackers Tubs
These generously sized tubs come in three varieties: hula hoops (salted), discos (salt and vinegar), nik naks (spicy) or wheat crunchies (cheesy).  They contain individualised selections of crisps and are made by the company that makes.  Ideal for a savoury snack over the festive period, including parties.  It is a nice idea to include a selection of snacks in one and does remind me of a favourite crisp product sold in Marks and Spencer in bags. They are generous 250g tubs and available in all of the major supermarkets.

Aldi Christmas Chutney
Aldi's Christmas food selection is especially good this year. Much more in the way of sweet gifts and biscuits, some new antipasti and savoury offerings.  Amongst the festive fayre, is this this delicious chutney.  It has all of the warming flavours of Christmas in a jar and is very fruity.  The combination of plum and orange works really well.  The orange is subtle.  The chutney would be fantastic with crackers and cheese, bread sticks, cheese straws and other such nibbles.  Not to forget a turkey sandwich!  I really love chutneys and sauces and this one from Aldi offers a perfect balance of sweetness and tangy sourness- full of flavour and just lovely.