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Friday, 29 March 2013

Product Review- Easter Themed

Easter Treats

The shops have outdone themselves, there is such a beautiful array and selection of food, craft and floral/plant items to celebrate Easter.  I have succeeded in managing to visit each of the major supermarkets available in my area over the past month (Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Aldi and Morrison's- phew!).  Not purposefully, a couple of the times were on request of certain items by others.  I was disappointed and rather surprised to hear that M&S are not running a dine in roast.  Treated Mum to their deal for Mothers Day.  Family enjoyed it and as Dad is cooking, he was hoping to take advantage.  From what I have seen there are a number of offers running over the weekend on meat roasting joints.  It is very much the sweet tastes that arethe main focus at Easter time in terms of products available.  I have not seen but heard about a Hot Cross Bun flavoured beer being available, don't like the sound of that!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Treats That Rocked Your Ten Year Old World

* Fizzy jerks from the vending machine at the swimming pool

* Astros being the coolest of sweets

* Cool Polo varieties- Citrus Sharp, Gummy, Spearmint, Fruit and Polo O's spring to mind

* 10p crisps in all of their maizy goodness

* The joy of getting a toy/token or something in your cereal or crisps. Is my imagination getting the better of me or were Disco crisps that you kiss really a thing?  Tongue dying crisps were

* Crisp sandwiches for lunch

* When you found a chewy Malteser in your pack

* Fruity ice lollies- Fruit Pastille, Calippo, Zooms, Twisters and those Frozen Alphabet Letters

* Harry Potter themed sweets

* Woolworths pick 'n' mix

* Opal fruits being so much better than Starburst, lemon and lime were separate for a start

* Impressing friends with an old school version of the cinnamon challenge involving how many Atomic Fireballs you could keep in your mouth at once

* Smartie Cookies coming onto the scene

* Eating chew bars (Irn-Bru, Wham, Lanky Larry's and Blue Rave) in secret as your Mum hated you eating them. On a similar note, the equally discouraged bags of Swizzels Mix

* The incredible Caterpillar Cake

* Mum always buying too many treats for the guisers at Halloween- yey!

I hope that I have succeeded in stirring some memories. What were your favourite treats growing up?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Chocolate Mini Egg Review

There is quite a range of mini eggs available and sold in the UK's shops.  They are a real favourite of mine.  The type of eggs I will be reviewing in this blog are chocolate ones in a crisp sugar shell.  I thought that I would share my thoughts on the eggs that I've tried over the years.  All of these are widely available.
  I would be interested to hear from anyone regarding their own favourites, special Easter plans or any varieties local to you or that you may have come across.  Happy Easter in advance and may it be sweet!

Cadbury Mini Eggs

The classic mini egg.  The Cadbury version are the original and for many the best.  I must admit that I am very partial.  These eggs are the perfect size with a perfect coating, not too thick or thin.  The interior is Cadbury chocolate and for some reason to me it is the taste of easter (that type of choc).  Perhaps it is due to it being the commonmost Easter egg choc.  The yellow eggs have a slightly different taste to the others, which is very nice.  You can buy them in a single serve packet in the form of a small cardboard box, the size pictured-100g in size and are available in a larger 360g pack.  I also remember them being sold in tubes but haven't seen any this year.  They are often on offer at £1 for a 100g bag which is very good, Morrisons have an offer of 2 for £2 at the moment.