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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Food & Drinks Review

Festive Fancies

Apple Gl├╝hwein Aldi

Best served warm and the ideal tonic when jack frost starts nipping!   This was a one of released in November.  It is a shame, as I would have liked to buy some for the family.   The Perth store is not due to get more in but other regions are said to have it in stock. It is a light fruity mulled drink with the festive flavours of clove and cinnamon.  The drink was very pleasant and drinkable, the flavour of cinnamon especially strong.  It also had a lemony and apple flavour to it too.  A great price at £2.99 per 1ltr bottle.  Interestingly, read online that we are absolutely robbed in this country by both  Aldi and Lidl who charge us a great deal more for their standard Mulled Wine than it costs in Germany.  The bottles of these are beautiful, have tried the traditional mulled wine from Lidl and it too is very nice.  As is the label of the bottle it comes in.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Banana Loaf Recipe


With snow falling outside and the winter chills biting, an afternoon in the kitchen was welcome.  I always like to have something homemade when families visiting.  This loaf makes a perfect snack, breakfast or just something to nibble on with a cup of tea.  Is a great way to use up over ripened bananas, the darker the better!  Recipe is very simple and is one I have adapted to taste, from the book "Farmhouse Kitchen".  It is a real family favourite and fondly remember coming home from school to find a freshly baked loaf.  Very lucky that my mum's such a fantastic baker.