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Friday, 17 August 2012

Tasty Sauces, New and A-few Favourite Products

Such a great product and a regular in the shopping basket!  These cook quickly and make an excellent side dish.  Can also be used incorporated in a curry.  I often have the dahl with salad, a wedge of lemon and some pitta bread.  The mix is fine as itself but often add some garlic and/or spices.  Ainsley Harriot has a full range of meal kits and are often found 2 for £2 in Morrisons.  Others include Lime and Chilli Quinoa and rice, Creamy Vegetable Spelt and a Moroccan rice one.  Have tried all bar the spelt and have found them all to be delicious, handy and a versatile addition for meals.


A tomato and chilli paste with a distinct smoky flavour and Middle Eastern spicing.  It is very warming and instantly ups the flavour of sauces etc...  Very nice addition to cous-cous, tomato based soups and the perfect product if making a tagine.  A little bit goes a long way.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Veggie Mallow, Honey and Sesame Crispy Squares

Found some marshmallow fluff in the supermarket and decided to do some experimenting.  I don't like butter and never have it in the house.  I was intrigued to see whether these would work without a fat to stabilise them.  Also, without the addition thought they'd end up being too sticky.  Success, no stickiness, very easy so, thought I'd share. I'm on a budget and these are cheap to make with the few ingredients needed already being in the cupboard.  Recipe is fairly loose and done by eye.  Will definitely make these again perhaps with mixed fruits and nuts, oats, chocolate chips etc...  Could make them double chocolate by incorporating in some cocoa powder or melted chocolate.  Also be nice dipped into chocolate and then allowed to set.